Blow Torch Manufacturers

This table is incomplete at this time - The pictures, for the most part, are for of the torch described. However, the model numbers that are not associated with their proper picture are linked to a 'dummy' photo. If you click on one of these, you will get a 'file not found' message from AOL. If you click on 'picture' and a photo actually comes up, then that is the correct picture for the associated make and model selected. The photo links are updated as I get pictures to post. Check this site often!

Zangobob's Rarity Codes:

Am. StoveVesuviusQuart VR Picture
Am. StoveVesuviusPint VR Picture
Barthel, G.Nr 4001 Liter VVR Picture
Clayton Lambert 32A Quart C Picture
08 half Pt VR Picture
37 Pint VR Picture
38A Quart C *Picture
99 Pint UC Picture
TL-130 ? R Picture
138 Pint R Picture
130 Quart R Picture
146 Quart VR Picture
158A Quart C Picture
138 Pint R Picture
208 Quart R Picture
158A Quart C Picture
308 QuartVR Picture
600 Quart C Picture
700 Pint UC Picture
800 Quart C +Picture
800-S Quart UC +Picture
CraftsmanQuartQuart C Picture
Detroit Torch101Quart VR Picture
Detroit Torch?Quart VR Picture
Dunlap5549Quart UC Picture
Fulton ? Pint R Picture
Hanu ? ? UC Picture
Karas soldering iron ? VVR Picture
LakesideS-1108Quart UC *Picture
Otto Burnz14_SMBQuart UC Picture
57quart C Picture
58Pint UC *Picture
86Pint UC Picture
88Pint UC Picture
89Pint UC Picture
187Quart UC Picture
200quart C Picture
SearsPowerkraftQuartVR Picture
Schaeffer Beyer ? Quart R Picture
Schaeffer Beyer ? Pint R Picture
Schaeffer BeyerFlat TankPint VR Picture
TurnerT-15Quart UC Picture
T-15AQuart UC Picture
T-15CQuart UC Picture
25A Pint R Picture
30AQuart C *Picture
150-1Quart C Picture
160Quart C *Picture
194Quart UC Picture
206AAQuart C Picture
318Pint VR Picture
Hot BlastQuartVR Picture
Baffle (old)QuartVR Picture
Baffle (new)QuartVR Picture
Pint and Quart size Blow Torch Manufacturers and Model Numbers
Zangobob would like to thank the following cybermerchants for allowing
 the use of  their blow torch pictures on this webpage!

        Jon W. Suta
        Glen Braghetta
        Rich Curry - miniature alcohol torch
        Joel Scott
        Chuck Rosa
        Owen Barnhart
        Randy Coffelt
        Peter Trofimchik
        William Grenert
        Lisahozie _at_ net-tek _dot_ net
        gumzalot _at_ AOL _dot_ com
        mtshamblin _at_ rec-tec _dot_ com

My sincerest thanks for sharing your pictures for this project! If I missed a
contributor, please let me know. Please note that the unusual convention for
reporting an email address is so these kind people will not be plagued with
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